This is a collection of "prose objects," codified legal documents, forms and widgets. They can be the source code for the legal part of transacting. The goal is to codify and "code-ify" law. You can use these prose objects privately by creating an "instance" of CommonAccord - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-06FzulLpQ.
Transacting platforms can integrate them by writing their own rendering engine. If you are interested in this, please contact us as we would like to start a standards process for the data model, perhaps through the Linux Foundation's EdgeXFoundry.org
We expect that these will be used with smart contracts to fully automate transacting in a P2P arrangement. The phrase "prose" object comes from Ian Grigg's "Ricardian contracts" and is the same thing as the "wet code" in the wet code/dry code dichotomy of COALA LEX.
The names of these objects are improvised and will change. GitHub has a nice way of forwarding from an old name to a new one. But they will all be here, as well as on GitHub. Acme-Ang-YC-Note-CmA/ has some explanation. Let us hear from you. commonaccord@gmail.com