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"Model.Root.Note" : "This page presents the key=value pairs, (aka properties) in the order that they are used in rendering. Normally, they are presented in the order of most recent to oldest, as new is usually added at the top. But for a first-time reading, it is helpful to see how the page is built. " ,

"Model.Root" : "<center>{Logo}<br><br><b>{Site.Name}</b></center></p><br>{Content.Sec}" ,

"Logo" : "<img src=\"image/cmacc-trans.png\" style=\"width:35%\" />" ,

"Site.Name" : "Deux.CommonAccord.Org" ,

"Content.Sec" : "<table><tr><td width=\"50%\">{Intro.Sec}</td><td> \u2003 </td><td valign=\"top\"><b>Some Links:</b><br><a href=\"https://cmacc-slack-add.herokuapp.com/\">Join our \"Fresh\" Slack group!</a><br>{TwitterBlock.sec}<br><br><b><a href=\"https://github.com/CommonAccord/Cmacc-Paris2/commits/master\">Latest Activity on GitHub</a></b><br><br>{DocumentsFolder.sec}<br>{SubjectIndex.Sec}<br>{RecentWork.Sec}</td></tr></table>" ,

"Intro.Sec" : "{IntroductionFrench.sec}<br>{IntroductionEnglish.sec}<br>{SiteLinks.Sec}" ,

"IntroductionFrench.sec" : "<b>Pr\u00e9sentation:</b><ul><li>{APropos.sec}<li>{Cmacc-fr.sec}<li>{Travail.sec}<li>{Aide.sec}<li>{Slack-fr.sec}</ul>" ,

"APropos.sec" : "Bienvenue sur notre page! Nous sommes un groupe d\u2019\u00e9tudiants de l\u2019Universit\u00e9 Paris II Panth\u00e9on-Assas et participons au projet de CommonAccord." ,

"Cmacc-fr.sec" : "<a href=\"http://commonaccord.org\">En savoir plus sur CommonAccord</a>" ,

"Aide.sec" : "Nous d\u00e9barquons tout juste dans le monde du droit. De ce fait, votre aide et vos commentaires, critiques, orientations, sont les bienvenues!" ,

"Slack-fr.sec" : "<a href=\"https://cmacc-slack-add.herokuapp.com/\">Rejoignez notre groupe \"Fresh\" sur Slack.</a>" ,

"Travail.sec" : "{Doc-code.sec}<li>{SurGitHub.sec}" ,

"Doc-code.sec" : "Nous avons commenc\u00e9 \u00e0 travailler sur quelques documents en les convertissant et automatisant. Vous pouvez jeter un coup d'oeil aux documents <a href=\"http://deux.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=list&file=/GH/Paris2/Jurismatic/\">Jurismatic</a> et <a href=\"http://deux.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=list&file=/GH/Paris2/WeAgree/\">WeAgree</a>." ,

"SurGitHub.sec" : "Tous les textes se trouvent sur <a href=\"http://github.com/CommonAccord/Cmacc-Paris2\">GitHub</a>." ,

"IntroductionEnglish.sec" : "<b>Overview:</b><ul><li>{AboutUs.sec}<li>{CmAbqc.sec}<li>{WhatWeDo.sec}<li>{HelpUs.sec}<li>{Slack.sec}<li>{GitHubLink.sec}</ul>" ,

"AboutUs.sec" : " Hello There ! We are a group of French Students at Paris II Assas University seeking to make a change and currently collaborating with Common Accord ! " ,

"CmAbqc.sec" : " <a href=\"http://commonaccord.org\">If you want to look further into CommonAccord's work</a>" ,

"WhatWeDo.sec" : "We have already started working on different types of files and documents. Our work mostly consists in converting them as well as automatizing those files. You can therefore look into <a href=\"http://deux.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=list&file=/GH/Paris2/Jurismatic/\">Jurismatic</a> as well as <a href=\"http://deux.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=list&file=/GH/Paris2/WeAgree/\">WeAgree</a> to see what we have done so far ! " ,

"HelpUs.sec" : " We are relatively new to this whole workflow so feel free to comment on our work. Any help would be really appreciated as we are seeking continuous improvement ! " ,

"GitHubLink.sec" : " All the files we work on are available on <a href=\"http://github.com/CommonAccord/Cmacc-Paris2\">GitHub</a>." ,

"Slack.sec" : "<a href=\"https://cmacc-slack-add.herokuapp.com/\">Join us on our \"Fresh\" Slack group to keep up with our work.</a>" ,

"SiteLinks.Sec" : "<b>Site links:</b><ul type=none><li>{DocumentsFolder.sec}<li>{Views.List.sec}<li>{PageSource.sec}</ul>" ,

"Views.List.sec" : "You should probably go <a href=\"http://deux.commonaccord.org/index.php?action=list&file=/GH/Paris2/\">here</a> " ,

"PageSource.sec" : "This page is made using the tool (\"dog fooding\" in tech parlance): <a href=\"index.php?action=source&file=S/About/Landing.md\">Landing Page Source</a>." ,

"DocumentsFolder.sec" : "<a href=\"index.php?action=list&file=/\">Top level</a> folder of files." ,

"SubjectIndex.Sec" : "<a href=\"index.php?action=list&file=/S/Index/\">Subject Index</a> of (some) materials." ,

"TwitterBlock.sec" : {"/": "0"} ,

"TwitterBlock.sec" : {"/": "0"} ,